What is the shipping time for my item?

  • Shipping time varies depending on where the item is being sent to:

Canada and USA - Approx 5-10 business days

Outside Canada and the USA - Approx 5-20 business days

What is the tracking number on my order?

  • Tracking is included on all orders within Canada or the USA over $100 CAD

  • Tracking is not included on items being shipped outside Canada or the USA. If you would like tracking please contact us before ordering as the shipping price may change.

Can I get a custom item made?

  • Custom orders are on a case by case basis. Please send your idea with references (photos, sketches etc) to [email protected].

Can you make an item exactly like this photo?

  • Hellbent will do custom designs but will not copy another artist's work. We will design and make our take on the concept. If you would like that exact item, please consider supporting that artist as it is their design. 

Do you sell on ebay?

  • No. We do not sell on ebay. We are aware that our photos have been used on ebay by sellers that are not us. This has been reported many times and unfortunately is very hard to stop. 

Are all your items handmade?

  • Yes. All items are handmade in Canada.